Monday, June 13, 2011

Post of Massiveness

First off, may I just channel some Mel Gibson and say...


In other words, I just finished my spring classes today! HUZZAH!!!!

And all this stuff on this post barely scratches the tip of the iceberg of work I had to do! HUZZAH!

... yeah. I'm happy to say I survived my first attempt at Maya. Maybe barely. But I survived! Our final project was to design a bug. Since I struggled with modeling, I decided to go simple and focus more on color, lighting, and composition. "Play to your strengths," as Mad-Eye Moody would say. As it turns out, my teacher really liked my bug! HUZZAH! (OK, last time, I promise)

In Ryan's gesture drawing class, we would have sketchbook days every week in which we had a theme and had to draw according to that theme with a combination of life and imagination. I loved it! Sure, some themes were difficult, but it made me stretch my imagination in ways I never thought I could. It's worth trying out something new; you never know what you can learn about yourself in the process! Some of my favorite themes were Chaos, Liquid, and aliens.

Our prompt for Aliens was to be like an explorer making a sketch-log of new plant and animal species. So, I kinda went a bit in the Spiderwick Chronicles direction. It may have also been because of the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Point this weekend. After spending a day around bagpipes, kilts, swords, caber-tossing, and Scottish accents, I started to think a bit about magical creatures and all, and went with that for my aliens. And "Cymru" is the Welsh word for Wales which, ironically, means "foreign."

And these are for fun... yes, I do art for fun, not just for school. Mt. Timpanogos is a great drawing reference, and the koi are from the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Photography is quite awesome. I love being able to "stage" a scene and figure out how to make the most of the composition I have.

Pentel, Prisma, Staedtler, Photoshop, and Maya

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Sort of Art...

Just some class work for Gesture Drawing and Character Design. I must say, I'm REALLY liking ink and brush pen... Lots of fun design and emotional impact can be made with it.

Yes, it's "fake life"... I promise you, I HAVE been making failed drawings! And you should too!!!

Pentel, Prisma, and Staedtler