Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi there! *crickets*

... well, this has been the longest unexpected hiatus I've ever done... Sorry about that! I finished up another semester at BYU - probably my most successful ever, academically and animationally - and moved back to California to get ready to move to Florida again! Starting next month, I'll be starting a Professional Internship at Walt Disney World! I super-stoked to go back and make dreams come true on a level much closer to a possible career!

In the meantime, here are some drawings! I've been reading Ben Caldwell's Action Cartooning, which is probably one of the best "how-to-draw" books I've seen in the juvenile section in a long time. He goes a lot into shape, caricatures, anatomy, and really shows you how to do it, not just copy a picture. I highly recommend to every artist, amateur or professional. He's got some pretty sweet art!

With that, enjoy these drawings! I've been doing quite a lot of these Ben Caldwell practices, plus a lot of gestures and environment drawings, so expect those soon!

Drawn with the almighty pencil. Red lead and graphite. Heck yes.