Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wizarding Wednesday

If you pop over to tumblr and check out these guys, they do a weekly blog challenge. They give you a Harry Potter character, you draw it, everyone sees your work. It's pretty fun to see what people come up with!

This week's challenge is Fred and George Weasley. Good ol' Double Trouble. I thought the Joker card was pretty appropriate for them.

What Did I Tell You?

I'm just having so much fun designing these Time Ladies! It's a challenge to keep the character recognizable in personality more than costume. Here's a girl 10 for you. Gender bend for the win!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time Ladies, Anyone?

A while back, I read that the writers of Doctor Who wanted to have the Doctor regenerate as a woman and have a strong, fallible, sassy, courageous female be the protagonist. While I'm not complaining about casting decisions, I did have fun redesigning 9, 10, and 11 as females.

Yeah, we'll probably see more of these sassy ladies soon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Queen Elsa

I doodled this in my sketchbook a while ago and really liked it. It's Queen Elsa from the upcoming Disney Feature Animation film "Frozen." I thought that she'd look cool with a White Witch-esque crown.


Elsa, Frozen copyright Disney

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Character Sketches

Hey folks! I've got some character designs for my 3-D animation class for you!
I'm kind of in love with toned paper right now.

Pencil, pen, crayon, Photoshop

Monday, August 5, 2013

Liebster Nomination

Hey folks! So, my really good friend/fellow artist Josh Cotton nominated me for a Liebster award! The way he described it, it's a blogger to blogger award and to help spread the word about various blogs. He nominated my blog, which means I must do as follows: Answer cool questions, tell you guys random stuff (which I already do, so that's normal), and nominate five other blogs.

Without further ado, let the answering begin!

1. What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

I want to promote wholesome, family entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages. If I can move people to bettering themselves, then I've done my job.

2. Who is your greatest art hero?
Argh, I have too many! I've gotta say, though, that Walt Disney is my hero in EVERYTHING, especially in animation. If it weren't for him, animation would most likely not be the core of quality family entertainment that it is today. Without his innovative ideas, normal animation processes like storyboarding would not be the same. He was also one of the first to really put depth into his pictures and make animation an art form, not just a cheap way to get laughs. Also, I admire his tenacity and "keep moving forward" attitude. The guy had the worst amount of setbacks (losing jobs, losing animators, losing characters, losing health, losing children), but still stuck to his guns because he had more important things to do than fail.

3. What is your favorite thing to draw?

Expressions and faces. I can't get enough of them. I'll sometimes draw my faces and expressions, mainly as a form of therapy when I'm frustrated or something. Drawing out my frustrations in a humorous, animated way relieves a lot of stress and helps me laugh.

4. What is your philosophy about sketchbooking?

DO IT. JUST DO IT. It is the best possible way to practice. Take your sketchbook with you everywhere and just draw whatever inspires you. I'll be walking through a clothing store and see a really well-designed shirt and draw it out in my sketchbook for later reference. I'll be walking through Barnes and Noble and notice a neat book illustration and quick sketch it out because the composition was really cool. I'll be in Disney World and notice the way the roof curves on a building and I'll sketch that out and maybe use it for a story idea. You never know when inspiration will strike, so it's best to always be prepared.

5. What do you feel is your greatest strength as an artist?
 Despite all the hardships and setbacks I've experienced with art and being in an art major, I've never stopped drawing, and I never will.

6. What do you feel is your greatest weakness as an artist?
I don't experiment all that much with design. I tend to get comfortable in certain areas of visual design and just stick with it. To counter this, I'm always looking at art books and blogs to give me inspiration and help me think differently about design.

7. Who is cooler, MacGyver or James Bond?
MacGyver. I can probably conceivably make some of the things he invents. With James Bond, I have to have too much money in order to even think about touching one of his gadgets... 

8. Do you feel physical condition (fitness, sleep, nutrition) impacts your artwork? If so, how?
YES! I find that if I'm too tired or hungry, I'll get grumpy or sluggish, and I wind up not producing the quality artwork that I normally would. Also, as my tendinitis story suggests, your body can get fed up with drawing. Ever since I got tendinitis, I've been more aware of taking breaks while drawing and get up, move around, and rest my arm so that I don't overwork my muscles. 

9. Do you feel spirituality factors into art? If so, how?
Sure! I do what I can do draw things that are pleasing to my Heavenly Father. Also, I'm often inspired by the stories of the Book of Mormon, Bible, Mormon history, and my own spiritual experiences when drawing. I've actually been working on a story now for the past couple of years that basically chronicles my spiritual journey in coming closer to my Heavenly Father. 

10. You have one sentence left to live. What do you want to tell the world?

Don't be afraid to be yourself.

11. Eleven random facts
1. The tendons in my ankles are slanted, not perpendicular to my foot, which means that my feet and knees naturally point inward. Basically, it's not entirely my fault that I didn't grow up to be a ballerina.

2. I've had the opportunity to sit in on lectures with Glen Keane and Marty Sklar (head of Imagineering when EPCOT was being built)... and I got to ask them questions!

3. I'm a clogger. Basically, it's a combination of Irish and tap, with a lot of stomping. It's a pretty good alternative to ballet. (I prefer fiddles and bagpipes with a techno sound to classical, anyways.)

4. Because of the aforementioned weird tendon thing, I can sit with my knees touching and facing inward. It's the only way I can sit for a long period of time; crosslegged is too uncomfortable!

5. I can play a portion of Rhapsody in Blue on the piano.

6. I reread the entire Harry Potter series at least once a year.

7. Before settling on being an artist, I wanted to work with animals, particularly in wildlife conservation. I've worked with veterinarians and wildlife museums. Even though I chose a different path, my knowledge of animals has helped me a lot in my drawing (remember kids: life experience is the best kind!)

8. I've seen a solar eclipse.

9. I've been with the Walt Disney Company for nearly three years (!!!!!!)

10. I can quote Disney movies and spew Disney facts like nobody's business.

11. I've spent the past three years living in three different states: California, Utah, and Florida. As in, each year was spent living in each state at a time. And I wonder why I'm exhausted.

Next part: I get to nominate cool blog people! You should check them out! They're all awesome artists!

Claire Gordon
Alyssa Petersen
Wesley Tippets
Kendall Hale 
Christina LeBaron

My 11 Questions:
1. What inspired you to keep drawing?
2. Who is your artistic hero?
3. You're in an art rut and need to get out. What do you do?
4. What is your ultimate artistic goal?
5. What is something you'd like to improve upon artistically?
6. Where do you go for inspiration?
7. How do you like to go about art projects: Several straight hours' worth of work, stretch it out with breaks, etc?
8. Do you have any preferred art materials (could be digital and/or traditional)?
9. Dragons, griffins, unicorns, or Batman?
10. Any advice you'd like to share after all this art experience you've had?
11. Random fact about yourself :)

Thanks for reading this novel! Now go look at some cool artwork by all these people I've mentioned!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Harry, er, Happy Birthday!

It's Harry Potter's 33rd birthday. I couldn't resist sketching a little something. :)
Yes, hid birthday hat is a mini Sorting Hat.
Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros

(Almost) Fanart Friday

Okay, I'm jumping the gun a little. But I'm also going out of town on Friday, so there.

Good ol' Figment from the Epcot attraction, Journey into the Imagination! I did this for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and Figment is my grandma's favorite Disney character. 

A friend of mine let me borrow her Cardcaptor Sakura manga series, and I couldn't resist drawing Sakura. Boy, I watched that show and read that manga so much as a kid... I forgot how endearing and cute it is!

Holy cow, it was wonderful to pull out some traditional media. 

Prisma pencils. Copic markers

Figment belongs to Disney
Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Earlier this year, I took Advanced Storyboarding at BYU, and our class was fortunate enough to meet Steve Hickner from DreamWorks. As part of a portfolio demo, he gave us a story prompt and we had to board it, and we also got class credit for it. Unfortunately, this happened during my bout of tendinitis, but I worked things out with my professor and did only a portion of what the project required without completely hurting myself. I'm so grateful that all of my professors were so understanding; I basically couldn't use my hand to its full capacity for two and a half months!

The prompt from Steve Hickner was a chick who's eaten too much bird seed somehow has to run away from a predator. Again, I didn't board the whole thing, but this is the chase/climax. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

BYU in the NY Times!

A couple months ago, the BYU Animation program had the awesome opportunity to be featured in an article in the New York Times! Students were even asked to participate in a photo shoot that would appear alongside the article. Best part? The New York Times wanted the students participating in the photo shoot to draw caricatures of themselves!

It was pretty unbelievable and fantastic, all of us being asked to do that. The photo shoot was a blast and we had an awesome time doing it! The article turned out great. I'm excited that our work gets to be seen on a national level like this. It raises awareness of our program and (hopefully) puts us on the map for animation studios, and shows that our program treats productions more like films than student projects.

The article can be found here. You can also see our fun photos and caricatures!


I had originally done this caricature of myself for the article, but I wound up using another one instead. I think I like this one more, though.

And, while we're on the subject of caricatures, I did this one for a good friend of mine from my last internship in Disney World. 

I'm not a fan of giant heads with huge noses, or "normal" caricatures. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Film Work

Whoa! Two posts within 24 hours! I'm on a roll!

This past semester, along dealing with tendinitis, I was also working on a new student film in the visual development department. It was a great experience, really seeing film-making in action and working with a terrific team. This project has easily been one of the best student projects I've ever worked on. Everyone's super dedicated and passionate, not to mention talented!

Prop design is a lot of fun. It's a neat challenge to put a particular personality into an inanimate object. 

Can it be...?


I suppose you're wondering why it has been so long? No? Well, I'll tell you anyway...

See, there was this six-month internship in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL, and I participated in it! My second internship at WDW, in fact, and I hope that it's not my last!

And then, 4 days after my internship ended in December, I went back to Utah and good ol' BYU.

Shortly thereafter, this wonderful new experience happened.

Tendinitis. In my right hand. My drawing hand. 

If you don't know what it feels like, here's a pretty accurate description. 

It pretty much made the rest of the semester fairly miserable, seeing as it hurt to draw, write, type, drive, play piano, do dishes, cook, pack lunches, eat, move my wrist, sleep, live etc. 

BUT! I survived long enough to give you these sketches that I made during my stay in Florida!

Normal people ride Space Mountain in Disney World. I draw pictures. THEN go riding on Space Mountain.

More tales and adventures to come! Hopefully with my wrist not feeling like it's going to fall off my arm!